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My thoughts on Ryo's withdrawal from NEWS

It happened on Oct 7th, so why now.If you are a hardcore NEWS fan, pls do not read. I haven't really shared my thoughts about Ryo's (& Pi's) withdrawal from NEWS. I will only focus on Ryo as I'm an hardcore Eito fan. I'm not that a nice person but considering what NEWS fans' feelings, I kept quiet about the whole issues. I didn't talk about it on Twiiter as some of my followers are NEWS fans. As i said i'm an eighter but my feelings? I wasn't happy when i heard about it for the first time. I felt sad, betrayed or some weird feelings. I wasn't a NEWS fan but i liked NEWS. So it's kinda shocking that 2 members are leaving. It's not that I want Ryo to choose NEWS over eight , it's just i dunno how to explain. How to say, i wanted him to continue with two groups. I know he's too tired and stuff. It's like my hidden pleasure to see him forcing himself to be happy with NEWS ( i mean it!) or trying to fit in with both groups. I knew that one day, he would choose 8 over NEWS but people around me said 'NO' He'll stay with NEWS, NEWS need his popularity , so eventually, my faith in him was lost... He was my least favourite in 8 that time. But hey, he proved i was wrong ! He chose 8! I was damn happy , actually there isn't any words to describe the feeling. It's like the long battle of NEWS fans and Eighters are over! We won him! (Truth, i can't pretend to be nice anymore) He likes NEWS but more like he likes Pi. For 8, he love them. He feel safe with them. I can say this with firmly because i was juggling between 2 groups for 4 years (well, different genre) but same story, for one, i was chosen the other one i chose it myself. Ryo was my aspiration actually, whenever i felt like quitting one group, i'll  think Ryo is still trying his best with 2 jobs so why i can't too. So i was kinda disappointed  when he gave up.. That's just personal matter but as a fangirl i'm damn proud! It's like Ryo's singing songs like 'my home', 'one love' to Eito an Eighters T______T You can deny the reality and say that two fandoms can stay in harmony, i believed that too but the tweets & LJ comments i saw,  threw me back to reality. Things like 'Why Nishikido chose that kanjani ? NEWS is way better ', 'i want NEWS to be invited to NTV's best artist and rub it in front of kanjani's face' Be considerate about NEWS fans feelings but how about EIghters? We're also fangirls! We have rights to express our happiness! When an eighter said "ryo chose 8 \0/" She was called a bitch! What is this, at least Eighters didn't say 8 is better than NEWS or stuff like that. I'm sure if Ryo chose NEWS, i'm sure NEWS fans will be like 'yeah ryo knows whch is better' You can deny the truth as all you want. But i'm not saying all NEWS fans are like that, but a group of them are like that! My point is I'm sick of people comparing the JE groups.. Let them do things they want! If you want to know why Ryo chose Kanjani8, my guesses based on personal experience of being in two groups
  • Eito is the origin
  • He likes the members
  • He love the music of 8
  • He knows that most eighters don't like eito based on face/body/or sex appeal but based on personalities
  • He can be himself with 8
  • 8s are his friends
All of the above are just my guess . Only god will know what he's thinking..
Whatever the reason Ryo is my number 2 in eito now :)


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Nov. 25th, 2011 01:18 pm (UTC)
exactly! even read comments that ryo chose 8 which's the uglier group! damn nasty! i also have to admit that i felt happy over ryo's decision since i m an eighter. n i like yamapi as well so i can't stand those news fans who start slamming P n ryo once they leave the group....
Nov. 26th, 2011 06:50 am (UTC)
Thanks :) i didn't expect that anyone would read this :D
Apr. 14th, 2013 08:34 am (UTC)
agree with you!!! (^_^)...love ryo when he is in K8...he can be himself...
Nov. 13th, 2016 09:34 pm (UTC)
actually whenever i felt like quitting one group i'll
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