My thoughts on Ryo's withdrawal from NEWS

It happened on Oct 7th, so why now.If you are a hardcore NEWS fan, pls do not read. I haven't really shared my thoughts about Ryo's (& Pi's) withdrawal from NEWS. I will only focus on Ryo as I'm an hardcore Eito fan. I'm not that a nice person but considering what NEWS fans' feelings, I kept quiet about the whole issues. I didn't talk about it on Twiiter as some of my followers are NEWS fans. As i said i'm an eighter but my feelings? I wasn't happy when i heard about it for the first time. I felt sad, betrayed or some weird feelings. I wasn't a NEWS fan but i liked NEWS. So it's kinda shocking that 2 members are leaving. It's not that I want Ryo to choose NEWS over eight , it's just i dunno how to explain. How to say, i wanted him to continue with two groups. I know he's too tired and stuff. It's like my hidden pleasure to see him forcing himself to be happy with NEWS ( i mean it!) or trying to fit in with both groups. I knew that one day, he would choose 8 over NEWS but people around me said 'NO' He'll stay with NEWS, NEWS need his popularity , so eventually, my faith in him was lost... He was my least favourite in 8 that time. But hey, he proved i was wrong ! He chose 8! I was damn happy , actually there isn't any words to describe the feeling. It's like the long battle of NEWS fans and Eighters are over! We won him! (Truth, i can't pretend to be nice anymore) He likes NEWS but more like he likes Pi. For 8, he love them. He feel safe with them. I can say this with firmly because i was juggling between 2 groups for 4 years (well, different genre) but same story, for one, i was chosen the other one i chose it myself. Ryo was my aspiration actually, whenever i felt like quitting one group, i'll  think Ryo is still trying his best with 2 jobs so why i can't too. So i was kinda disappointed  when he gave up.. That's just personal matter but as a fangirl i'm damn proud! It's like Ryo's singing songs like 'my home', 'one love' to Eito an Eighters T______T You can deny the reality and say that two fandoms can stay in harmony, i believed that too but the tweets & LJ comments i saw,  threw me back to reality. Things like 'Why Nishikido chose that kanjani ? NEWS is way better ', 'i want NEWS to be invited to NTV's best artist and rub it in front of kanjani's face' Be considerate about NEWS fans feelings but how about EIghters? We're also fangirls! We have rights to express our happiness! When an eighter said "ryo chose 8 \0/" She was called a bitch! What is this, at least Eighters didn't say 8 is better than NEWS or stuff like that. I'm sure if Ryo chose NEWS, i'm sure NEWS fans will be like 'yeah ryo knows whch is better' You can deny the truth as all you want. But i'm not saying all NEWS fans are like that, but a group of them are like that! My point is I'm sick of people comparing the JE groups.. Let them do things they want! If you want to know why Ryo chose Kanjani8, my guesses based on personal experience of being in two groups
  • Eito is the origin
  • He likes the members
  • He love the music of 8
  • He knows that most eighters don't like eito based on face/body/or sex appeal but based on personalities
  • He can be himself with 8
  • 8s are his friends
All of the above are just my guess . Only god will know what he's thinking..
Whatever the reason Ryo is my number 2 in eito now :)

Title : My Home (Ryo focused)

This is my first time writing a fanfic so please forgive me for the shitty quality.I'm having holidays so have plenty of free time so i feel like writing a fanfic.
  • All the characters are not mine.
  • The story is original because i've never really read a fanfic before (sucks i know)
  • This story is purely fictional but based on what i see/hear on videos/concerts/magazines/variety shows blah blah
  • I think NEWS fans shouldn't read this because this is kanjani8 biased.
Rating - PG 13
Genre  - friendship, drama
Cast   -  Kanjani8,News,Other Johnnys


Ryo had been juggling between two groups Kanjani8 and NEWS for 9 years. Naturally, he feels tired both mentally and physically. In 2011, he realized, he couldn't go on like this. So he made the painful decision but he does not regret it. This story is basically about his thoughts and actions  during past 9 years and how he came to arrive at the decision he made.

*phone rings*
Hello, is that Nishikido Ryo?
Yes, who is this?
I'm XXX san from jimusho. Can you come to tokyo right away?
Eh, but i'm about to go for  the show with Eito...
No problem, just come! Jimusho's order. Oh yeah, Uchi kun is also coming with you. You guys are going to debut!I've already called the staffs there.
The line's dead
He's going to debut, ryo thought. Truthfully, he was relieved and very happy. But it didn't last that long. How about eito? He immediately felt sad and lonely. He called Yoko straightaway.
Hello, Yokoyama Kun? This is Nishikido.
Oh what's up?
Today, me and Uchi need to go to Tokyo so I can't come to the shochiku-za show. Bye!,
Something's wrong Yoko thought, but he had a rough idea. It's been a week since Ryo and Uchi's dressing rooms were filled with people..

Ryo couldn't explained to Yoko so he hanged up quickly. His voice was heavy when he told Yoko that he couldn't make it.
Be Strong! He told himself. Later, he met up with Uchi and rode the Shinkansen. Both didn't talk on the way. Ryo kept on thinking How about Eito? Uchi knew ryo was crying inside but he pretend he didn't see it. It's not like he didn't understand. They're going to be debuted and they should be damn happy but it's like saying farewell to Eito, their friends or family. The train carrying two boys with mixed feeling continued to run toward Tokyo...

Tsubusa Ni Koi

Hi hi I translated k8's tsubasa ni koi. I ain't a native speaker of both Japanese and english so there might be mistake but I did my best! Here enjoy!

                                                           Tsubusa ni Koi (love everything)

Hitasura gamushara na yarikata de
With an eager and reckless manner
Kabe ni butsukaru hibi ni wa nare te kita
I am getting used to days of hitting with walls

Uso no nai egao ga
A smile without lies
Tatta hitotsu kimi ni hokoreru boku sa
It’s the only thing(about me) I can boast to you about

Kuchibue kasurete wa bukiyou na otoko ga
I’m just a clumsy man whistling roughly
Taisetsu na mono dake wo kakaetenda
Holding onto important things only

Tsubusa ni koi umaku iezu ni
Loving everything of you but I can’t say it well
Mata kimi wo okorasete shimau
I make you angry again
Demo nando mo kikikaesu no wa
Why I ask you again and again is
Tsutawattenai no to chigau tte
Not because I don’t understand
Wakatteru kedo kidzukanai furi shite iu yo
I know but I pretend I don’t and say
Suki da yo tte ...   
I love you

Sasai na kanashimi de
Such small sadness
Otagai no amae kara kenka shite mo
Even the fights triggered from our selfishness
Dou ni mo itai hodo shiawase ni shitakute
No matter how much it pains me, I want to make you happy
Kitai toka yakusoku wo shoikomunda
That’s why I bear the burden of expectations and promises

Tsubusa ni koi
Loving everything of you
baka shoujiki ni ikite wa itsumo koronde shimau
Leading a fooslish yet honest life and always end up failing

Tada aisu beki hito no tame wo
Just for that person I love
Negau kara tachiagarerutte
I pray so that I can stand up (again)
Wakatteru kedo kidzukanai furi shite kiite
I know but I pretend not to and still ask
Suki na no to ...
Do you love me?

shigusa ni ai kimi wa utsukushii
I love your manners , you are beautiful
Mitame ijou ni sono subete ga
Than you look , so is everything about you

Ashi no sukumi sou na genjitsu ni
Reality that stops my steps
Naite shimai sou na shinjitsu ni
A truth that makes me almost cry
Se wo mukezu ni susumu asu wo mamoritai
Facing them and move towards tomorrow protecting it

Tsubusa ni koi umaku iezu ni
Loving everything of you but I can’t say it well
Mata kimi wo okorasete shimau
I make you angry again
Demo nando mo kikikaesu no wa
Why I ask you again and again is
Tsutawattenai no to chigau tte
Not because I don’t understand
Wakatteru kedo kidzukanai furi shite iu yo
I know but I pretend I don’t and say
Suki da yo tte ...     x3
I love you
ou want to use this translation for anything , go ahead :)
If y

Happy Eito Day!!!

THIS IS 8th AUG!!! Go Go eito!!! Haha a QnA for myself abt eito!

1. How do you know eito?

Yukan club >>> saw yoko>>> checked out PVs

2. When did you become a fan?

Yasuko to kenji>>> Okura :O >>> fan

3. Who's your favourite?
Used to be Okura but now everyone :D

4.Why do you like Eito?

- dumb
- funny
- talented
- imperfect
- inspiration for me
- stress-reliever
- everything!!!!

5. One good thing about being eito fan.

Knowing more abt Eito and Eighters

6. Say one thing to Eito
Pls do not change, stay imperfect like this forever!!!

7. One wish
Let eito sell well like AKB and Arashi


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365 nichi kazoku romanji + translation

'Ohayou' 'Oyasumi'
Sonna aisatsu wo
Kurikaeshi kawasu mainichi
Yonaka no kenka mo asa ni wa
Medamayaki ni egao mata motodouri

"Good Morning" "Good Night"
Those greetings are what we exchange daily
The fight at midnight will return to fried egg and a smile at the morning

Heya no katasumi ni
Nugisuteta kutsushita
Nanbyakai chuui sa retarou
Nigawarai shinagara omoidashita no wa
Ano hibi ienakatta kotoba

The socks I threw off piled up at the corner of my room
Hundreds of times warned by you
With a bitter smile, i remember the words i couldn't say that time

Tatoeba chiisana hagu o shite
Tatoeba "I love you" tte tsutaete
Itsudemo eiga mitai ni
Bokura wa kiyou ni narenai keredo
For example, i give you a little hug
For example, I tell you i love you
Always it seems like a movie
but we don't become good at doing those things

Sanbyaku rokujyuu go-nichi kazoku
Konoyo ni iru kiseki wakeatte

Sukoshi zutsu datte iikara

Umarete kita koto
Shinde iku koto

356 days family
we share the miracles in this world
Little by little, i want to take them
being born or dying

"Arigatou" tteyuu tada hitokoto
Tsutaeyou namida komiagete mo

Ashita ga haha no hi janakutatte ii
Shunkashuutou bokutachi wa tsunagatteru
'Thanks,' that one word
say that even if you're crying
or even tomorrow is not a mother's day
we're connected during all seasons

Seikaku ya kaoya
Kotoba ya jidai ga
Chigatte mo onaji koto ga aru
Sore wa hito wa dare mo
Hito kara umarete kita koto
Minna nakinagara

Different personalities,faces,words or generations
even if they are different, there is somthing in common
That is, all humans are brought to lives by another human beings
while crying

Tatoeba nikushimi atte mo
Tatoeba kizutsuke atte mo
Kokoro de kitto heiwa o negawanai hito wa dare mo inai
For example, there is hating
For example, getting hurt
There is no one who does not wish for peace in their hearts

Sanbyaku rokujyuu go-nichi kazoku
Konoyo wa tatta hitotsu no kazoku

Chikyuugi yubi de mawashi
Sonna koto wo kangaete mita yo
Hitorikkiri de

365 days family
This world is just one family
The earth is turned by a finger
I tried to think like that by myself

Dakedo genjitsu wa muzukashikute
Kyou mo dareka ga namida koboshiteru
Tsurakute shouganai toki wa
Kaasan semete nee guchi gurai
Kika sete yo

But reality is difficult
Today too, someone will cry again
If u have a hard time and you can't help it
At least let me hear your complains

Sanbyaku rokujyuu go-nichi kazoku
Konoyo de tatta hitotsu no kazoku
Sukoshi zutsu datte iikara tsumiagetai
Boku ga ima koko de dekiru koto zenbu
Isshoni kurashite mo hanaretete mo
Aishi teru tte isshō ienakute mo
Itsushika hoshi ni naru toki mo zutto
Musuba rete mainichi ga kazoku no hi

365 days family
Only one family in this world
Little by little, if i can, i want to pile them all up
becuse it's everything i can do now
If we are together or separated
Even if i can't say i love you for my whole life
Even if i become a star, as long as we're connected, everyday is family day

Which is your favorite JE variety show?

Goo has asked the readers which is their favourite JE TV programme ( Variety ) . The results are here..

10. 5LDK(443)*

9. Bouken JAPAN Kanjani8 MAP(504)

8. Kanjani no Shiwake 8(515)

7. The Shonen Club(624)

6. Shin Doumoto Kyoudai(1050)

5. The! Tetsuwan! DASH!(2182)

4. VS Arashi(2990)

3. SMAP x SMAP(3383)

2. Arashi ni Shiyagare(5095)

1. Himitsu no Arashi-chan!(5142)

*( ) number of votes
Source : Goo

Congrats Arashi!!! For eito, i am surprise that Janiben is not inside coz that's my favourite show . Anyway, well done!


Director Miike Takashi’s live-action adaption of the popular anime “Nintama Rantaro” is going to open in cinemas on July 23rd. The story follows the adventures of Inadera Rantaro, a young boy who aims to become a great ninja, at the ninja school. Popular child actor Kato Seishiro is going to play Rantaro.

Apart from the child actors playing the nintamas, ninja students (lit. ninja eggs), there are several other actors filling the roles of teachers, family members and other characters. Actress Anne is one of them, playing Yamamoto Shina, a kunoichi (female ninja) who often switches between the forms of a young and an old woman and teacher of the female nintamas.

Now that raises the question which actors and actresses would actually make some nice ninjas. The staff of goo/NTT DoCoMo once again didn’t hesitate long and put up a poll on their mobile portal.

Sneak up on the results below!


Which actor would look good as a ninja?

01 – 2,474 votes – Ninomiya Kazunari
02 – 2,366 votes – Ohno Satoshi
03 – 2,123 votes – Katori Shingo
04 – 1,423 votes – Okura Tadayoshi
05 – 966 votes – Sato Takeru
06 – 953 votes – Sasaki Kuranosuke
07 – 800 votes – Abe Sadawo
08 – 721 votes – Miura Haruma
09 – 673 votes – Higashiyama Noriyuki
10 – 410 votes – Takizawa Hideaki


Which actress would look good as a kunoichi?

01 – 3,005 votes – Kuroki Meisa
02 – 2,285 votes – Yumi Kaoru
03 – 1,213 votes – Ayase Haruka
04 – 1,101 votes – Ueto Aya
05 – 631 votes – Kichise Michiko
06 – 474 votes – Anne
07 – 457 votes – Kitagawa Keiko
08 – 349 votes – Koyuki
09 – 309 votes – Miyazaki Aoi
10 – 253 votes – Takashima Reiko

Recochoku Polls On Popular Spring Drama Theme Songs

Recochoku today published the results of their "Spring Drama Theme Song Popularity Ranking". Check them out here!

1. "not alone ~Shiawase ni Narou yo~" by SMAP (theme to "Shiawase ni Narou yo")
2. "My Home" by Kanjani8 (theme to "Inu wo Kau to Iu Koto ~Sky to  Wagaya 180 Nichi~")
3. "Itoshiki Hibi Yo" by Hirai Ken (theme to "Jin")
4. "Alright!!" by Superfly (theme to "BOSS")
5. "Yankee Soul" by AKB48 (theme to "Majisuka Gakuen 2")

The ranking is topped by SMAP's "not alone ~Shiawase ni Narou yo~", from which 100 yen from each Chaku-uta download is donated to Johnnys earthquake relief project "Marching J".
"The melody at the start immediately drew me in, and then I heard the nice lyrics. In my opinion, Nakai-kun's lovely voice in his solo line really added to the song.", said one voter, a woman in her 20s. Another commented on how the song fits well the current mood of Japan.

Put in second place by Recochoku voters was Kanjani8's "My Home", which has a theme of family love. "I think it's a song that conveys the warmth of a family", commented a teenage girl who picked it in the ranking.

The poll received 1,307 votes in total.
Source :

T.W.L translation + romanized lyrics

Hi all, here is traslation and romanized lyrics of T.W.L . I am not a Japanese speaker and not so good in english as well so if there is mistake, pls point it out :) Here we goes...

Zense Konse Raise Iize Jinsei
Meguri megutte bokura mata aatte

Sennen Mannen Sou ne innen kamone
Sonna koto ittatte datte Dou sunda?

Kou ka Fukou ka Douka Son ka nante
Of course Jibun ga kimeru koto de atte
Honki talk MOODO Sonde soudou
Genron no jiyuu tte gamen no ue de enjou?

Don't cry Kimi wa don kurai Umaku waraezu ni ikiten no
Dakara no more Boku wa nomou Sono itami sae shitta ue de

Nouki Konki Semaru Gishin anki
Choushi dou yo?」「Dou mo kou mo nai yo
Eraku Omoku Noshika karu RISK
Sore demo yappa te ni shitai mono wa I? Ai? Aiai...

Hodo hodo Ni sotto Hold on Nante kaken wa dekinaishi
Tashou gouin? Saredo Growing Choujiri awase nanka sen de ii

Mou end? Norikonda no wa TRAIN
Iku saki wa michi naru michi Ittai doko e iku (hassha OORAI)
OK! Shi no go no iwazu Kakugo wo kimete Tobikomu Door
Nani ga matte iru (Dakedo ikou There)
Akete meeting you hiraku
to be loved %

E janai ka Konya zutto
Chotto matte Anta hontou ALRIGHT?

Zenbu OPEN Misete ageru kibun
Nano ni doushite nani mo maru de mienai
TSUITTO Yattaa horeta mata deaeta
Samishisa umete ageru Sonna de hanjou
HAI! High! Acchi Kocchi click

Kore wo Download dekiru kandou Tsukatte wa gomi hakopoiI sute SONG
Sonna MIND Warae maidotte Sore demo aku naki mono tsukuri

Ma MA ma Majikai?

T.W.L Shikkari tsukande T.W.L Imi nado iranai
T.W.L BUNBUN mawase
T.W.L 1, 2, 3 Suki ni yacchatte

Ouen MAIKUROFON kara Kimi ni mukai utatterun da ze
Todoite kureta naraa...
Kouen Nagedashi sou na RAIN
Kasa mo sasazu tachidomaru shitsu
Nee Yurushite agete (Meccha OORAI)
Mou ee Naitara I can be #
Subete wa asu e tsunagaru door
Me no mae ni an janai (Dakara ikou there*)
Akete meeting you hiraku to be loved

E janai ka Konya zutto
Chotto matte Anta hontou ALRIGHT?
A janai ka B wa? C wa? Doutai?
Chotto matte Minna hontou

Last century, this century ,next century, life is good.
By chance and chance , we meet again with an 'AH!'
Thousand of years and ten thousand of years , so this must be fate
What 're you gonna gonna do saying those words?

Lucky and unlucky things are somehow losing
Of course there will also be things you need to decide for yourself
Serious talk mode and then create a riot
Just because of freedom of speech,
there are many comments above the photo

Don't cry, how long can you go on with life smiling?
So no more , i will just drink
before i know that pain
Time for payment, patience and approaching suspicion will be raised
How's your condition? I have no choice!
Happiness, respect are leaning on risk

But still, there're things i want to do with my hands are I?Love? All together

Gently holding on, i can't do things in moderation
More or less forceful? Even so growing,
let's make it fit together

It's already the end? Get in a train!
Our future is a road that isn't know yet
Where on earth are you going? (let's go , alright)
OK! 4 and 5 prepare yourself silently!
Jump through the door
Something's waiting you (but still, go there)
Opening the door, meeting you there
Is it not an E? Tonight is always all night
Wait a minute! Are you really alright?

Open it all and show me your feelings
And yet, why i can't see them completely?
Tweet, yes! I fell in love, we will meet again
You made my loneliness goes away thus it's thriving

Yes, high , click here and there
Download this growing passion
The thrown-away song of trash-bag boy
That mind laughing and saying 'every time'
But still i do really bad things

Eh seriously?!
T.W.L - Hold it tight
T.W.L - No meaning is needed
T.W.L - Buzz buzz around
T.W.L -1,2,3 fell in love!

Through this microphone, i will face you and sing for you
Will u deliver it for me?
Rain falls again like  at the park
We stop , although we don't even have an umbrella
Hey, forgive me please? (Extremely alright!)
It's fine, if i cry , i will stick my tongue out at you
the door connects everything to tomorrow
there's nothing easy before our eyes (so let's go there)
Opening the door then i meet you

Is it not an E? Tonight's always all night!
Wait a minute! Are u really alright?
It is not an A, B so C? How?
Wait a moment! Is everyone alright?!


% - tobira

#  - akkan be

*   - Ze

This song contains a lot of word tricks so i translated some words as above. Hope you enjoy it!


1 litre of tears

I was too bored so i watched 1 litre of tears "for fun". From my friends who've watched them , they told me it's SAD! I just laughed that time but now i understand. Everything about that drama is sad!! It's too sad that i cant cry anymore.Ryo chan's acting is so good in there. I almost cried when i heard the ending and the girl's face in first ep. it's real life story so it's too sad. I'm late like 6 years to watch this drama... feel bad.
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